Why Use CBD For Senior Citizens?

CBD For Senior Citizens
CBD For Senior Citizens
CBD For Senior Citizens
CBD For Senior Citizens

Around 16 percent of the US population is already above the age of 65. If you are next in line and around your golden years, exercise, healthy diet, and meditation should be added to your daily routine. Having the right ounce of nutrients and essential oils is needed during this age. Since it is difficult to follow a strict diet, doctors prescribe substitutes for rare nutrients. Other than substitute medicines, many always take medicines for conditions that can be cured using natural substances.

Among the long list of medicinal compounds that nature has gifted us, CBD is renowned. Unfortunately, not many are aware of this cannabinoid and its benefits. Let’s look at a few ways CBD can be of help to seniors.

Benefits Of Using CBD For Senior Citizens

Sound Sleep

Since childhood, we have underestimated the need of sleep. However, as people age, the importance of sleep increases. Our body needs more rest to recover and prepare. But, the slightest inconvenience or disturbance can lead to a night of tossing and turning in bed. Moreover, women nearing menopause go through unpredictable changes in hormonal levels causing stress and sleeplessness.

Typically, doctors recommend sleeping pills, regular intake of which will have adverse side effects on the body.

CBD has established itself as a good sleep-inducing compound because of which it is slowly replacing harmful medicines.

Decrease Pain

It is commonly noticed that as people age, the amount of pain they go through increases. It becomes hard to ignore joint pains and muscle aches which are usually caused by inflammation in the body.  When not given enough attention and care, the pain intensifies. However, you can avoid this situation if proper medicines are taken in the beginning.

CBD is highly recommended by doctors to reduce inflammation and pain. It is used to treat chronic pain caused by different conditions.

Increase In Appetite

Loss of appetite is commonly seen among the elderly. The cause of low appetite might be the fluctuating hormones, emotional distress or pain. Less intake of food will have a higher effect on their body since it is already fragile and can make them susceptible to diseases as their immune system is weak. CBD has been reported to increase metabolism in the body, thereby, boosting appetite.


Using CBD for seniors with anxiety is increasing because of its effectiveness. The anti-anxiety property of CBD has even gained the attention of WHO.

We can conclude that CBD is a therapeutic drug with a lot of potentials to treat the elderly.