Hemp Extract, CBD Oil, Hemp Seed Oil: Are They Same?

Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD
Benefits Of CBD

As CBD and other cannabinoids became popular in the medical industry for their health benefits, a large number of products derived from hemp plants began to appear in the market. As the products derived from hemp plants are made legal, it became possible for you to get these products from anywhere and everywhere.

However, when looking for hemp products, you can see a large number of confusing labels on such products. Different types of hemp products are available in the market that varies in terms of the compounds they contain and the health benefits they provide. So it is important for you to get the right products for getting the benefits you need.

Some of the confusing terms you can find when looking for hemp products are hemp extract, CBD oil, and hemp seed oil. If you are wondering which product can be suitable for you, then we are here to help you. The following are some of the important information that you want to know about these products for recognizing the suitable products for you.

Hemp Seed Oil

This is an essential oil just like your sunflower oil and olive oil. It is extracted from the seeds of the hemp plants that are well-known for the wide range of health benefits they carry. Hemp seeds are super healthy, as they offer a large number of nutrients including omega fats, vitamins A, C, and E, B vitamins, calcium, zinc, iron, potassium, magnesium, folate, phosphorous, etc.

Hemp seed oil will also have these nutrients. Hence, the consumption of this oil can help to get a wide array of nutrients. In addition to this, hemp seed oil can provide a large number of health benefits. It can help to relieve the symptoms of menopause, improve skin health, reduce the risk of heart diseases, and lower cholesterol levels. So you can derive a large number of benefits from this essential oil.

CBD Oil/Hemp Extract

Both of these terms are now used interchangeably today. These products can help you to get the benefits of CBD that you cannot derive from hemp seed oil. The cannabinoids and a lot of other plant compounds present in CBD oil are not found in hemp seed oil, as hemp seeds do not contain these compounds. They are actually found in the leaves, stalks, and buds of the hemp plant from which the CBD oil is extracted.

If you are wondering what is hemp extract, then it is the same as CBD oil. It is derived from hemp plant parts other than seeds. Hence, it carries all the cannabinoids and other plant compounds.

So make sure that you are aware of these differences when looking for hemp products.