CBD Products: What Goes Behind The Price Tag

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CBD Products

The CBD industry has emerged like a phoenix from its dying flames. What started off as the society shunning the medicinal extract for the large part, have had a change of heart and it is now that CBD has gotten the love and attention that is deserved. It took a while for the health benefits and the multitude of wellness properties to shine through, but in the end, it has.

The CBD industry is now a multi-billion dollar industry that is bringing in more people and opening them up to the wonderful world of CBD. With the flourishing of the CBD industry comes plenty of CBD products to choose from. At no point, can you complain ‘there are too few CBD products to select out of.’

For those who have skimmed across aisles and digital inventory of CBD manufacturers, would have drawn their eyes to the price tag. The pricing of CBD is a complicated subject, and there are plenty of factors that determine the digits that appear on the tag.

So, from the consumer point of view, it is important to know what you are paying for and what goes behind the products that you are spending your hard-earned money on. Only then can you get the best value for money.

Does The Quality Of CBD Matter?

It is a wellness product, and for that reason, obviously, it does. Don’t sacrifice on the quality of CBD products as the health hazards and risks you are putting yourself in are definitely not worth the extra few dollars.

The issue is that the CBD industry is still quite new, especially in the United States with the passing of the Farm Bill in 2018. For the most part, the industry is unregulated and there is a mix of both good and bad CBD products that have flooded the market. The Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) has yet to lay down the protocols- which require approvals and permissions from other sects of the government, all of which might take a while.

Since there are no official labeling standards and manufacturing protocols in place, the CBD market has certain traps by cheap CBD manufacturers and suppliers, for uneducated and blind consumers who didn’t do their research.

There is no question of ‘bad CBD oil’- it is either good CBD oil or none at all.

Why The High Prices?

The reason you have sub-standard products in the market is that there is an audience to buy it. These sub-standard products are made by cutting corners and using poor quality resources- How else do you justify the seller making a profit off of it with such cheap produce?

In the sphere of CBD, or just about anything, whatever is good costs you money.

The reason for the elevated costs comes from employing safe extraction technology, knowledgeable staff to operate the instruments, proper quality controls standards set in place and followed, thorough testing to ensure that the products are safe for use. All of these add up to the final sticker price of the CBD product.

Plus, CBD is an up and coming commodity that has high demand and for this reason, can call for high prices.

 On the other scale of deviousness, you got companies who ‘claim’ to sell high quality CBD goods when in fact it is low-grade garbage. There are certain things that you as a consumer need to know to be able to separate the wolves from the sheep!

What Should Consumers Look Out For?

  • Third Party Testing And CoA

Most of the reputable CBD manufacturers who are interested in making a long-lasting name in the industry take the added effort to get their products tested by a third-party lab, to ensure that there are no toxins and harmful substances beyond the permissible safe limit.

The information regarding the testing is available in a CoA or the certificate of analysis. This document has all of the relevant information regarding the various constituents in the CBD product and their individual percentages which they make up. There are certain states that don’t allow the THC levels to be beyond 0.3% of the dry weight. The information on the CoA will tell you exactly how much THC is present, along with the other cannabinoids as well.

  • Track Record & Brand Trust

Read up about the manufacturer. If the manufacturer has been in the market for more than 2 years, then skim through customer reviews and go through forums to make an educated purchase. You will know of the major drawbacks of the product that way. Don’t restrict yourself to just one site or forum, but look around and take the time. after all, it is regarding your health and wellness and there are no shortcuts there!

Don’t just hand over your money- be an educated consumer who knows what you want.